Reworlding Ramallah – reading, book launch, talk + game at Onomatopee, October 20, 2019 in Eindhoven, NL

Booklaunch October 20, 2019 Reworlding Ramallah - short Science Fiction Stories from Palestine Critical science fiction, on its most basic level, is an opportunity to experiment with new ways of existing in the world; imaging different, economic, political and social structures. Within its pages, science fiction holds the space to test ambitious projects without the fear of failure. Reading and writing [...]

Annual report 2018

NARRATIVE REPORT 2018 The year of 2018 has been an important transformative period where we focussed on the professionalization of our organization and moved to a new unique location in Birzeit, from where our dreams could emerge.  (more…)

Disarming Design at IKEA Museum Älmhult

Want to know the Futur? Then look at the past! That’s the formula behind the exhibition ‘Home Futures’ made in partnership with the Design Museum London and now on show at IKEA Museum Älmhult.If you happen to spend your vacation in Sweden, please have a look at our contribution featuring designs by Atelier Ternier, Studio Minalemaeda, Normal Studio, Disarming Design from [...]

Disarming Design at Octagon Gallery, London

Disarming Design at the Exhibition Moving Objects: Stories of Displacement at the Octagon Gallery, London Discover the stories of people, animals and objects in exile, as told by refugees and researchers in London and the Middle East. Today, around 68.5 million refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people are trapped in a state of temporary permanence across the world. This free exhibition draws together [...]


We cannot describe our gratitude to the collective impact of the donations to our crowdfundcampaign. We have reached 125% of our aimed budget, which is more then we expected. Besides the possibilities this offers, it is also a very heartwarming and motivating experience. This has moved us deeply. (more…)