International Academy of Art Palestine


Contemporary art is an important field of creativity that contributes to local society and global culture, in which it is essential for Palestinians to represent themselves. It is a vehicle of expression where individuals critically engage with a wide range of issues in many different forms. At IAAP our aim is to provide our students with the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in the mediums and methods of working in the visual arts through our curriculum. At the Academy you can find local and international artists and thinkers engaging our students with contemporary debates and diverse methods of artistic practice. Owing to the histories of occupation in Palestine, the visual arts have had a difficult path of development, particularly in the absence of art schools, academies and funding. Due to these factors there is general a lack of understanding of the important role that art can play in Palestinian society. Art is a powerful intervention tool that raises awareness, and develops new knowledge on social and cultural issues. It creates an arena for thought via the visualization of ideas. Like any other field, art needs constant development, empowerment and mobilization in order to benefit society. Cultural expression is an important tool in articulating identity and the Academy aims to mobilize this potential in the direction of genuine creative and social development, particularly as the rich potential for the development of art in Palestine remains currently untapped.