Jean Calder

Working for Palestine Red Crescent Society and Dean of the PRCS College of Ability Development

"The societal importance lies in the fact that they manage to publicize the Palestinian people as people, with a culture and to put them in a better perspective while giving it a broad exposure. Normally, Palestinian identity always get a very strange and rather negative kind of coverage in the mainstream media.

Until a couple of years ago, I was directly involved in an embroidery studio for women with disabilities, so I can only speak from that field of expertise, but I noticed that people here do much to keep their crafts alive, even though a lot is still happening on an individual level, at private homes. But when Annelies visited the studio, looking for our collaboration, she asked from the girls to do something different, to leave the beaten track and many were pleasantly challenged by this.

What touched me most was witnessing the pride that these young women had when doing the work. They felt that someone was really appreciating what they were doing. The moral impact on these young women is quite significant; they were really delighted to be part of it and they feel good about it."(From Kurt Vanbelleghem interview, Can one really benefit from a social design project, or is it just another spin at the wheel?)