Callum Copley is a researcher and writer based in Amsterdam and the UK, examining how emerging technologies constitute new forms of political and cultural domination. His work uses fiction as a method to propose alternative futures with which to enact radical change in the present. He is also co-founder of ‘Schemas of Uncertainty’ an ongoing research initiative exploring the role of prediction in contemporary digitized society.

Sherida Kuffour is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from The Netherlands, where she currently studies an MA in Design at the Sandberg Instituut. As a multi-disciplinary designer, with experience in publishing, navigational design and branding, strategic approaches to projects and brand developments ensure a thorough and critical work process.

"As a designer, social and political subjects are my main interest. In my design process, I look at current situations and I speculate how that situation could have been different. It is not so much a working method as an attitude and a critical perspective. In every subject I search for a way to confront the public with a dilemma. In this confrontation I hope to challenge the public to think in a different way about the subject. I want them to question whether or not the scenario is real and serious or fictitious and ironic. A speculative attitude helps me in constructing a narrative about this possible present or future situation." (From ARNHEMSE NIEUWE 20x20 talk 2015)

As a designer and researcher Rebekka Fries monitors and frames, disconnected world views produced by mass and social media. Recently graduated with a Master in Design: Visual Strategies at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and currently based in Rotterdam.

Product & Interior designer

Nour Nshweiat is the founder and designer of N Products, with 10 years of experience in home furnishing and product design. N Products are recycling abandoned items into home furniture and useful products. ‘Products with stories’ is the slogan of N products.