Carrying Home

Travel pouch, for never returning to the camp
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  • Product Story


Do you have a specific dream?
“I have simple dreams. A life where I can enjoy any rights as other people do. My dream is the dream of my father, my mother and my grandfather: to return to the soul of Palestine and live in my hometown.”
If you ever had the chance to go back to Palestine just for one day, what would you take with you?
“I don’t want to take anything with me, all I want is to go back to Palestine.”
You wouldn’t need anything?
“Maybe I would just take my phone so I can communicate with my family.”
What would you bring back here?
“Well, I’m not coming back to bring something with me. But if I have to come back, I’ll bring the soul of my land, and olives. And photos of Jerusalem, photos of my hometown, and the Palestinian land.”(A conversation between Mohammad and Tessa, the designers, and Hadeel, an artisan who lives in the Gaza refugee camp, Jerash, Jordan).

As a tribute to Hadeel’s dream, this travel pouch has enough space for all the documentation you need while travelling – including mobile phone, powerbank, keys and a notebook. The patterns on the shoulder strap show embroidered symbols of different Palestinian cities and regions that, like their former inhabitants, are becoming distorted.


Making off

This product was produced in Gaza Refugee Camp, Jerash (JO), during a workshop in 2017 organized in collaboration with Darat al Funun and Amman Design Week.



Mohammad Ishtay (PS), Tessa Meeus (NL)

Hadeel Abu Amrah & Asma Ayesh, Saber Abu Masoud (Gaza camp, Jerash, JO)

Water resistant cotton, embroidery, metal rings for the strap

Year of design



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