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Like most farmers around the world, Palestinian farmers are facing the dangers of agribusiness, corporate seeds and land dominance. More- over Palestinians endure harsh political conditions imposed by the Israeli military occupation that aims to transform Palestinian growers from independent producers to day laborers in an attempt to eliminate Palestinians sovereignty over their food. Palestinian heirloom seed varieties are under threat, many have gone extinct due to these policies. These seeds that have been passed down to us from generation to generation over the centuries carry in their genes the stories and the spirits of the Palestinian indigenous ancestors. They deserve to be saved and propagated. This is why Vivien Sansour is collecting these heirloom seeds for you, to ensure they continue to bloom and spread their beautiful fruits and stories.


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Vivien Sansour (PS)

Graphic design
Teresa Palmieri (IT), Ayed Arafeh (PS)

Year of design

100% Palestinian heritage seeds

20 seeds per package

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