Jerusalem Spell

A tote bag, with sound


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Jerusalem can easily cast a spell on you without you even noticing. It can start before you even set foot inside the city, hearing the ka’ek seller calling out for people to buy his freshly baked ka’ek, the traditional Jerusalem bread, or the clinking of copper that comes from the man selling cold kharoub juice. The sound of people walking bounces around in all directions, like busy bees — the sounds of coffee grinding, the juice-squeezing machine, the calls coming from behind to make way for the handcarts as they manoeuvre their way around the alleyways. Best of all is the voice of the ice cream seller calling out “Buza Rukkab”, who leaves a smile on your face yet leaves you wondering, how does the ice cream find its way and pass through the checkpoints to reach Jerusalem every day? The minute you yearn for these sounds, you begin to realise that you have become yet another victim of the spell. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds of Jerusalem as you listen to the recordings via the QR code on this cotton tote bag.


Ghadeer Dajani (PS)

Ayed Arafah (PS)

George Qarra’a (Bethlehem, PS)

Year of design

Cotton textile from Hebron

33.5 x 40.5 cm

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