Multifunctional apron with embroidered decoration


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This apron captures the story of Maisa, who had the highest high school grades in Jordan. This would award Jordanian citizens a free scholarship for university, but because Maisa has no national ID number as a resident of the Gaza Refugee camp, she did not qualify. On the contrary, she was obliged to pay very expensive international fees, so she could not even afford to pursue her studies. She remained in the camp and gave up on her dreams. In response to Maisa’s story, this multi-functional and semi-professional apron was designed with fabric used for Jordanian school uniforms. It reflects on the fact that while the students in the Gaza camp very much focus on their education, their future career options are limited.


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Maisa from Disarming Design from Palestine on Vimeo.


Nour Nsheiwat (JO), Rebekka Fries (NL)

Saber Abu Masoud(tailor), Zainab Abu Jamous, Yusra Abu Sil’a, Farha Khammash & Asma Ayesh (embroidery)(Gaza Camp, Jerash, JO)

Textile of school uniforms, cotton embroidery

Year of design


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