State of Palestine

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Government documents serve the explicit correlation of identity and affiliation. Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar uses these attributes as samples for alternative models of identity and anticipates the existence of a state, which until now is a mere utopian idea. The artist decided to declare the existence of a non-existent state and created a stamp with which he stamps the passports of travellers and pedestrians. The stamp depicts the Palestine sunbird and a jasmine flower. It tells the story of a state-to-be, instead of continuing over and over again the discussion about a one-state or a two-state solution.

Jarrar made these refrigerator magnets with the State of Palestine stamp design from his ongoing project especially for Disarming Design. They are produced in Khaled Fakhouri’s pottery factory in Hebron.


Making Off

State of Palestine magnet from Disarming Design from Palestine on Vimeo.


Khaled Jarar (PS)

Khaled Fakhouri – Oriental handmade pottery factory (Hebron, PS)

Year of design

hand-painted ceramics

Ø 7 cm

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