Under the olive tree

Sun hat with embroidered brim depicting olive branches


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  • Product Story


The ability to be resilient and unwavering in the decision to be proudly Palestinian despite the strong hold of the oppressors strikes designer Sherida Kuffour as glaringly brave. Olive trees represent this bravery; they can live for hundreds of years, sometimes even thousands, providing an economic resource and bearing the fruit of life for generations of Palestinians.

Drought-resistant and able to grow in poor soil and conditions, the olive tree has multiple functions: it produces oil, provides heat in a fire, is harvested for soap and provides protection from the sun. This is why the ‘Under the Olive Tree’ hat was created, to symbolise that by wearing this hat, notwithstanding any hardship, you, too, embody resilience and stability, and that by standing under an olive tree you are protected.


Sherida Kuffour (NL, GH)

Khadeja Abu Amrah, Sanaa Abu Amrah (Gaza Camp, Jerash, JO)

Cotton, embroidery

Year of design


This product was produced in Gaza Refugee Camp, Jerash (JO). A workshop in collaboration with Darat al Funun, Amman Design and Disarming Design from Palestine.


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