Za’atar w zeit

Two olive wood bowls, to be used for olive oil and thyme, packaged in an embroidered bag
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  • Product Story


With olive groves lining the edge of the Gaza refugee camp in Jerash, Jordan, it was difficult to miss the constant presence of the olive tree in Palestinian lives. The tree has long represented the longing for home and resistance to the occupation of the land, as it tries to hold on to the very soil it was planted in. These two interconnected bowls were made in the Gaza camp out of this olive wood. Each has a flattened side, allowing them to connect to each other so they can almost form one. They are designed to serve the famous thyme-based spice mix za‘atar and olive oil, zeit, whose combination is so significant for Palestinian homes.




Rand Abu Al-Sha’r (JO), Asja Keeman (NL)

Hasan Abu Siam (bowls), Siham Abu Nimeh (embroidery), Saber Abu Masoud (Tailor) (Gaza Camp, Jerash, JO)

Year of design

Olive wood, fabric, embroidery, string pulled from rice or sugar bags


This product was produced in Gaza Refugee Camp, Jerash (JO). A workshop in collaboration with Darat al Funun, Amman Design and Disarming Design from Palestine.


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